John Calvin Abney is a Tulsa-based songwriter who has played over 400 shows in the past two and a half years, performing his critically acclaimed debut album “Better Luck” and two singles, “Empty Candles” and “Vice Versa Suite.” He has performed as a sideman for acts such as Samantha Crain, John Moreland, and The Damn Quails. At the end of 2016, he released another full length record, “Far Cries And Close Calls,” on Horton Records. It is both a travelogue and a deeply personal recitation of missteps and disappointments. The album is brimming with energy and catharsis, combining the introspection and harmonic inventiveness of Elliott Smith with the wit and energy of Blonde On Blonde-era Dylan. He continues to tour and perform on his own accord, under the banner of rock and roll, to move forevermore toward freedom and happiness.

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