Ann Money

The Elements That Connect Us

Watch Mr. Jacob’s Talk

After finding himself volunteering on a Native American Indian owned farm, Tvli Jacob, a reluctant outdoorsman, experiences a connection to the creation of the universe and a connection to all our relations, and he discusses a way to Indigenize methods in how we classify creation stories.

Tvli Jacob ain’t no movie man, but he’s seen a lot of movies. He has also worked on a few motion pictures. He produces, directs, and writes them sometimes. He loves working on productions with Native American Indian, Indigenous and First Nations communities. Besides movies, he makes failed attempts at other artistic endeavors. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the documentary film and multi-media components for the Center for Indigenous Health and Research Policy (CIHRP). He is from the Choctaw Nation in Southeast Oklahoma. He loves stories but doesn’t collect them. Instead, he prefers that stories collect him, be a part of him, flow through the universe and exist as it wishes to be. People in his family walked the Trail of Tears, resisted oppression, preserved the Choctaw language and fought for tribal rights and sovereignty. He has a daughter, Nuseka, who is a philosopher, free-thinker, creator, artist and the reason he exists — which is a lot for an 8-year-old. Tvli feels weird writing bios and is uncomfortable when writing about himself in the third person.