Ann Money

How to Bring a Building to Life…and Do it Beautifully

Watch Ms. Jones’s Talk

What does it mean to bring a building to life? And what makes a building beautiful? The Joinery, a sustainable building project in north Tulsa, is the first residence in Oklahoma to seek Living Building Challenge certification. This strict certification requires that the building produces as much renewable energy as it uses, contributing energy to the community. But the Joinery will contribute more than just energy; this community-facing residence will connect neighbors and visitors to food, nature, and community in an area widely regarded as a food desert. Architect Molly Jones talks about the project, and how it is a model of innovative, sustainable design in Oklahoma and beyond.

Molly A. Jones, AIA is an Oklahoma Architect, Design-Build Institute of America Professional, LEED ® Accredited Professional, Green Globes Professional, and Guiding Principles Compliance Professional with over 25 years of experience. Her passion is sustainable design and construction. She founded Jones Design Studio, PLLC (JDS) to create beautiful, sustainable, regenerative communities. Her design projects focus on sustainable living and community-building. She designed The Joinery, the first project in Oklahoma seeking certification as a Living Building. She also works with cohousing communities in Northeast Oklahoma to help build more livable, sustainable communities. She is an advocate for sustainability and social equity. In 2016, JDS became Oklahoma’s First JUST™ Organization, pioneering the way for social transparency. Ms. Jones was the driving force behind the City of Tulsa’s net zero water ordinance which transforms water use in buildings.